World’s Most Expensive Fuel

LONDON– Londoners thinking that they have the worst of gas prices can relax. While they were paying £1.35/liter in January 2011 (about $8.21 USD per gallon), their equivalents in Amsterdam were paying £1.36.* This included a 44% government duty plus 16% VAT.

Prices weren’t any better across Europe – Brussels and Stockholm motorists were paying £1.39/liter, while Copenhagen and Monaco were up to £1.43 and £1.44, respectively. Oslo was up to £1.58, yet African motorists had it worse; Prices in Asmara, Eritrea were up to £1.64/liter. (That’s $9.97 per gallon!)

Chris Green, Co-Founder and Sales Director of Motoring.co.uk comments: “Despite the fact that fuel in Britain is cheaper than some other counties, many UK motorists are feeling the pinch. Earlier this week, an RAC survey highlighted the fact that motorists are cutting back on family journeys due to rising fuel costs.

“It is not surprising that we are seeing a growing trend of motorists downsizing their vehicles to purchase more fuel efficient and cheaper cars to run. New cars are becoming more economical and many of them are achieving 80 mpg – even mainstream family cars regularly average more than 65mpg. And as an added bonus, some of these fuel efficient vehicles qualify for free road tax because they have low CO2 emissions.

“So my advice to motorists is that if they are looking to buy a car, make sure they do their research on the MPG, CO2 emissions and running costs. A car might look like a good deal on price, but if it is costly to run, it will hit motorist’s pocket hard.”

Motoring.co.uk has put together the top 5 most economical new cars available in Britain:

*All prices GBP.

Article source: http://www.theautochannel.com/F/news/2011/06/29/538859-world-s-most-expensive-fuel.html