2009 Tokyo Motor Show – Toyota Sai

Support for environmentally considerate driving

A Hybrid System Indicator that shows real-time driving status and an Eco Driving Indicator that lights up to signify fuel-efficient vehicle operation provide visual support to the driver.

The ESPO(1) system, which encourages and rewards environmentally considerate driving, enables drivers to gain extra enjoyment.

Environmental impact reduction

To limit CO2 emissions through achieving carbon neutrality(2) and to minimize use of Earth’s limited fossil fuels, plant-based Ecological Plastic has been used for approximately 60% of the interior surface area – by far the greatest use of such plastic by TMC in any vehicle to date.

TMC employed its Eco-Vehicle Assessment System (Eco-VAS) – its in-house-developed system to comprehensively assess environmental impact – in designing the Sai.

Review of materials, processing methods and adhesives used for interior parts resulted in a reduction of volatile organic compounds and sometimes-unpleasant interior odors to levels compliant with voluntary industry standards.

High-efficiency package limits length while increasing interior space

The Sai adopts a high-efficiency package that balances superb maneuverability and comfort with attractive, refined sedan styling and aerodynamic performance.

(1) Abbreviation derived from “eco” and “passport”

(2) Refers to zero net CO2 emissions over entire product life cycle

(3) Depending on the size and shape of golf bag, stowage may differ

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