The Fuel Shuts Off When the Chevrolet Cruze Slows Down

2012 Chevrolet Cruze ECO
WARREN, MI — The Chevrolet Cruze engineers packed a wide variety of advanced fuel-saving technologies under the hood.

One of those technologies is deceleration fuel cutoff. While the vehicle is decelerating, fuel is automatically shut off to the Cruze’s engine. When the driver accelerates, the fuel automatically begins flowing again and the vehicle accelerates as normal. It’s a seamless, unnoticeable process.

This technology increases fuel economy in the Cruze by up to 2 percent, depending on specific driving conditions. On a single tank of fuel, the system adds more than 17 miles to the overall range on the Cruze Eco model and more than 11 miles of range on the non-Eco Cruze models. It is an effective technology that helps save a customer’s money when at the pump.

“The Cruze is packed with fuel-saving technologies,” said Kai Loos, the development systems manager for the Cruze’s 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. “These types of cost-effective technologies allow Chevrolet to offer customers a vehicle that achieves hybrid-like efficiency without the cost of the hybrid technology.”

How it works: DFCO is enabled when the driver’s foot is off the accelerator pedal and the vehicle is coasting. Through integration of engine and transmission controls, the engine speed is carefully controlled under these deceleration conditions. Fuel automatically begins flowing back to the engine when the driver accelerates or when the engine speed approaches idle conditions.

This technology is on Cruze models with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Chevrolet recently announced that for 2012, Cruze models with the 1.4L turbo and six-speed automatic transmission will get 2 mpg better fuel economy. The Cruze Eco with an automatic transmission will deliver as much as 39 mpg on the highway compared with 37 mpg for the 2011 model. Cruze Eco with the standard six-speed manual transmission remains the most fuel-efficient gas-powered/non-hybrid vehicle in America, with an EPA-rated 42 mpg on the highway.

Article source: http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2011/06/24/538153-technology-helps-chevrolet-cruze-customers-save-fuel-when-slowing-down.html

  • Johnnytwoface

    EFI cars have been doing this for a while now…

  • t6

    @Johnny.  That’s true.  I remember my Buick GN did this – in 1987.  Probably in earlier years.