Solar Carport at GE Campus

Solaire Generation Solar Carport
PLAINVILLE, CT– Solaire Generation unveiled its patent pending Premium F2 Solar Carport Structure at a GE facility in Plainville, Conn., as part of GE’s largest Electric Vehicle charging station installation in North America.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, Luis Ramirez, CEO of GE Energy Industrial Solutions, and Laurence Mackler, CEO of Solaire Generation, were present at the opening ceremony.

“Solaire Generation is proud to have been selected to design, fabricate and install our solar carport for General Electric and Inovateus,” said Mr. Mackler. “This project exemplifies Solaire’s continued commitment to innovation and supports our mission to making a significant and enduring contribution to the development of solar energy.”

Mr. Ramirez stated that the “Solar Carport provides clean energy alternatives to oil and biofuels, expands our ability to capture the sun’s energy and helps us deliver a viable EV ecosystem. This is a bright day for EV infrastructure development in Connecticut and the nation.”

Solaire Generation’s Premium F2 solar carport features an innovative dual incline design that generates high energy yields and protects against rain, snow, and ice. The F2 seamlessly integrates GE’s technology, utilizing Solaire’s structure and wiring systems to support GE EverGold Safety Switches and GE Combiner Boxes along with GE EV Charging Stations. GE’s core AC equipment safely distributes power generated from the solar panels.

Governor Malloy said, “This exciting project will be a blueprint for people all around the country who are interested in developing this type of green solar charging technology, linking renewable energy with electric vehicles and making our lives cleaner and greener.”

GE is Solaire Generation’s first installation to incorporate Solaire’s patent pending advertising and branding platform that offers 200 square feet of advertising per parking space. Solaire’s unique advertising and branding options may improve the financial returns of installing solar energy in parking lots by providing additional revenue streams.

Smart grid technology is used to fully charge up to 13 electric vehicles per day via six Level 2 GE EV Charging Stations. The 98.7kW project will produce the energy equivalent to power 20 homes per year. The average freestanding home uses approximately 7,000 to 10,000 kW hours per year.

Article source: http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2011/06/16/537150-solaire-generation-unveils-premium-solar-carport-structure-ge-campus.html

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