Fleet of Ten Honda Hybrids Hits 500,00 Miles

LONDON&emdash; May 8, 2013: A fleet of ten Honda Hybrids owned and run by Renewable Solutions UK has aggregated 500,00 miles in the past three years.

Renewable Solutions UK’s Managing director Mike Lowes states: “Honda hybrids are a perfect fit for our business, with the efficiency of battery power and the many environmental and financial benefits this brings. The fleet has worked very hard, every day, for both short and long journeys, but we’ve only ever had to pay for standard servicing and wear and tear costs, and no major breakdowns. They just keep going without skipping a beat!”

All of the fleet’s cars were bought from Greenacre Honda in Blackburn. Lowes continues: “We have complete free rein in what we buy and where we buy it from, so the fact that we stick with Honda is testament to the trust we have in the brand. Honda hybrids are a reliable, no-compromise solution to our needs, and Greenacre have offered us great customer service and value for money.”

Lee Wheeler, Manager of Corporate Operations at Honda UK comments: “We know that there are plenty of Honda hybrids out there racking up the miles, but it’s always great to hear directly from customers who are seeing the strong benefits they deliver to fleets, even at mileages higher than usually seen with hybrid cars.”

Article source: http://www.theautochannel.com/F/news/2013/05/08/075545-honda-cr-z-hits-100-000-miles-without-skipping-beat.html