High-Performance Parts For Hybrids

If you’re already in to EV-Motoring, then you might be looking for a way to improve the hybrid you’re already driving. If so, we’ve found the place for you to go shopping. JuicedHybrid.com is the site where car geeks can go to make their cars and trucks perform better.

Paul Goldman, the CEO of JuicedHybrid.com says, “My grandfather owned a salvage yard, so as a kid I grew up working on cars. I can still remember working on a particular ’57 Chevy and a ’62 Corvette.” His love for cars grew throughout his teen years, and now as an adult, he’s participated in the Speed World Challenge and currently races a Porsche 911.

The concept for JuicedHybrid.com came to Goldman in April of 2008 when he wanted more performance from his Gen II Toyota Prius. “My car didn’t handle as well as I would have liked, and I couldn’t find any performance parts for it, so I sensed an opportunity.” His racing experience told him that the chassis needed stiffening, so he consulted with a local race team and came up with the Prius Chassis Stiffener Kit that fits 2004-2009 models. Goldman’s team produces the components in the U.S., and the anodized finish on the under-chassis brace is fittingly green (you’ll recall that Subaru’s STi favors purple parts, so there is some history to brightly colored performance accessories).

Most of the parts for JuicedHybrid.com come from the original manufacturer themselves (for example, high-performance suspension pieces already made by Toyota that fit the Prius or Highlander Hybrid) and from independent suppliers (most from Asia or the EU).

After browsing JuicedHybrid.com, we were curious about the parts that claimed to improve the electrical systems of hybrids. Goldman responded that the manufacturers test their own parts and hears good things from customers. Being that we’re skeptics and have intimate knowledge regarding what it takes to improve on factory engineered parts, we came away unconvinced that the performance of these accessories had been adequately tested to ensure a verifiable performance boost (in power or efficiency) or long-term reliability. Caveat Emptor.

Goldman believes “Performance is being redefined as more than just speed and handling. Efficiency will become a greater part of the performance equation as we go forward, and JuicedHybrid.com will be there to help enthusiast hybrid owners find what they’re looking for.”