Green Automotive Begins Electric SUV Impact Tests

DALLAS– Green Automotive Company Corporation last night confirmed its initiation of a 20 MPH FMVSS 214 Oblique Pole Side Impact test on its All-Electric SUV, and plans to continue testing as part of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards testing required before the Company’s planned launch of its All-Electric vehicle line late this year.

Green Automotive and vehicle manufacturer representatives met with Roush Industries’ engineers late last week to discuss and to assist with preparations of the SUV for the initial test, the Oblique Pole Side Impact test. As a result, it was determined that additional preparation work will need to be done to ensure the vehicle meets all of the pre and post test criteria mandated by the testing facility. “With the full support of the vehicle manufacturer, and working closely with the test facility, the engineers at Roush Industries plan to complete the additional vehicle preparation, work quickly and in time to perform the side impact test the first week in June,” said Ben Rainwater, Green Automotive’s on-site Consultant.

“While this short delay was a surprise, our testing time-line has several weeks built-in for contingencies like this,” said Fred Luke, President of Green Automotive, “so I don’t expect this to be any more than a minor interruption in our ongoing vehicle testing and evaluation efforts necessary for the launch of the SUV by year-end. We are anxious to get through these tests as quickly as possible, but our first priority is to ensure all of the data collected is accurate and complete, and that the tests are conducted safely and in full accordance with all of the FMVSS criteria.”

Article source: http://www.theautochannel.com/F/news/2011/05/17/532970-green-automotive-to-begin-all-electric-suv-impact-testing.html