GNA to Promote Honda Civic Natural Gas Sedan

2012 Honda Civic Sedan
Honda has picked environmental consulting firm Gladstein, Neandross & Associates to promote the Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan, formerly known as the Honda Civic GX. GNA has successfully deployed several clean and alternative fuel projects in the United States.

“GNA is extremely fortunate to have played a role in managing the deployment of a number of nationally recognized NGV projects. We are excited to work with American Honda to promote its Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan, which is the nation’s leading light-duty natural gas vehicle product,” stated GNA CEO Erik Neandross.

The Honda Civic Natural Gas is currently available in 33 states, with five more states added by the end of 2011. The Honda Civic Natural Gas offers a cleaner alternative that is also cheaper at the pump. It’s also possible that purchase incentives could allow for tax credits for the purchase of NGVs.

The Civic Natural Gas is the only OEM-built, CNG-powered passenger car assembled in the U.S. It is built on the same assembly line as the gasoline-powered Civic four-door models at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana manufacturing facility.

Article source: http://www.prlog.org/11591497-gladstein-neandross-associates-selected-by-american-honda-to-promote-civic-natural-gas-sedan.html