Entergy and LSU Install EV Chargers on Campus

Baton Rouge, La.– Entergy and LSU have unveiled two new electric vehicle car chargers that were installed on LSU’s campus. The EV chargers will provide free power to students, faculty and staff who own electric vehicles.

“Electric vehicles are gaining widespread attention and being embraced as an important technology solution for the nation’s energy future. We know that the infrastructure must be in place to support the evolution of the technology, and we hope Entergy’s donation of EV chargers to LSU will help start that process for the Baton Rouge market,” said Bill Mohl, president and chief executive officer of Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana. “This program is part of our deeper commitment to support technologies that foster environmental sustainability and provide for clean, efficient and affordable power for today and tomorrow.”

While the system is currently open, a swipe card system for LSU students, faculty and staff should be in place by the fall semester.

The charging stations are the first to be installed on a Louisiana university campus for the sole purpose of providing free charges to faculty, staff and students owning electric cars as well as for research purposes. The chargers were donated to LSU by Entergy and were paid for by Entergy shareholders through its Environmental Initiatives Fund which was established as a mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovative and promising projects.

Article source: http://www.entergylouisiana.com/news_room/newsrelease.aspx?NR_ID=2188