BYD to Introduce All Electric Buses in Frankfurt

BYD eBus-12
Frankfurt– BYD Company Limited has signed a Letter of Intent with the city of Frankfurt, Germany to introduce BYD’s all-electric, long-range, eBUS. The City of Frankfurt announced that it was working towards a plan to implement an integrated electric mobility system aligned with public transportation and the utilities companies. BYD will supply three eBUS-12 electric buses, two charging stations and technical support in early 2012. The buses will be used as shuttles at Frankfurt’s Airport and public transportation routes to the Gateway Gardens in Frankfurt.

This electric bus project shows the tremendous innovation of our city and will expand our leading position in the electric vehicle development. With BYD, we are implementing a project with high technological standard that will bring both sides new insights for the design of electric vehicle in the future,” affirmed Mayor Mrs. Petra Roth during the signing.

“Our 100% electric model K9 has proven to be a product that not only can significantly reduce pollution in large cities, but also can reduce up to 70% of the operating costs. BYD is committed to introduce such high-tech products to supporting Frankfurt as one of the pioneer cities in Europe in public transport systems,” said Mr. Henry Li.

The electric bus project is an excellent example of the many different types of applications of electric vehicles in urban traffic. “I’m sure that with all the measures that we summarize under the FrankfurtEmobil will advance the issue vigorously. With the use of electric buses, we are actually entering a new territory which will bring enormous benefits for the public transportation with less costs and less emissions,” said economic affairs officer Frank Markus.

Article source: http://www.byd.com/buzz/company-news/byd-will-introduce-all-electric-buses-in-frankfurt/